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Our Virtual Event with Sir Mike Penning on Friday 10th July was a relaxed chat amongst friends with the added benefit of earning some funds for our Association. Please support our Virtual Events or buy some virtual Raffle Tickets when you see them here on the website, as profits go to the Association.
 have announced the Association `Fighting Fit Fund'  to ensure we come back Fighting Fit for the Police and Crime Commissioner and County Council Elections in 2021 so please contribute if you can, or send a cheque to the Office marked `Fighting Fit' on the reverse. Thank You!

Much work is going on in the background to make the Office Covid-compliant so that we can bring our Agent back to work part-time on specific projects. The office is closed to everyone apart from those people engaged in these projects, for the time being. More information about Davidson House will be sent to our members in due course.
Members are being contacted by phone to glean email addresses. The Association would prefer to contact members by email going forward as this is more direct, faster, and cheaper for the Association than postal mailings. I want to thank my Officer Team who are all working hard to bring the Association back to a new normal state and though technology moving the association forwards.
Thank you all for your support!
Mark W Woods - Chairman HHCA

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Hemel Hempstead Constituency. The Association (HHCA) is at Davidson House, 168 Queensway, Hemel Hempstead. HP2 5FX. Tel 01442 255034.
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