It's always good to have friends and supporters!
Whatever you do you to help your Branch or at the Association, you will be made to feel welcome & supported.

Volunteers are always welcome for delivering leaflets locally, helping at election time, or with a spot of office administration at home, or at Davidson House.
We also have activist volunteers who work with our Councillors to knock on doors, deliver/collect surveys, and help to canvass opinions of residents.

Many hands make light work, and if you would like to help out, we'd be delighted!

Our Association run by volunteers in the main, both at local Branch-level, and as Association Officers for Hemel Hempstead Conservative Association.

Apart from volunteering, there are lots of ways to get involved:
Support our events, bring friends along to events, volunteer to be a local newsletter deliverer in your local area, offer to be an events helper/organiser, or club helper/organiser, or undertake office work to name a few. There are so many ways to get active and make a real contribution!

No matter how little or how much time you have to give, it will be put to good use. Please join our volunteer force!
Please phone 01442 255034 (during office hours) or email enquiries@hemelconservatives.com.

Thank You for your interest!