William Wyatt-Lowe

Borough Councillor for Adeyfield East

County Council Candidate for Hemel Hempstead Town

William says:

“I have had the privilege of representing the residents of Adeyfield East Ward for eight years and it has been both rewarding and satisfying for me to be able to help local people in difficulty, (successfully in the vast majority of cases!).

“I was first elected as a Dacorum Borough Councillor in Adeyfield East Ward in 2007, and was elected as County Councillor for the Hemel Hempstead Town Division in 2012. I have always been proud to be an integral part of both communities.

“I have a passion for Audit and Health matters. Within Dacorum I sit on the Finance and Resources Overview and Scrutiny Committe, I am Vice-Chair of the Audit Committee and sit on the Health in Dacorum Panel. At County I sit on Public Health & Localism Cabinet Panel and am again Vice-Chair of the Audit Committee.

“I am an active member of the Dacorum Patients Group and am Hertfordshire's representative on the Council of Governors of the Royal Free Hospital Group.

“I am also proud to chair the Adeyfield Neighbourhood Action Group.”