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Hemel Hempstead Conservative Association (HHCA) is the Conservative Members Association for the Hemel Hempstead Constituency.
Local Conservatives volunteer to be Officers of the Association and run it for local members, in alignment with Conservative Party values.
Officers are elected at the HHCA AGM annually. The four key Officers Roles are Chairman, Deputy Chair Political, Deputy Chair Membership, and Treasurer.
Other Officer Roles are elected at the AGM, and closely follow the requirements for the Association and it's future Plans.
The Approvals Committee approves the list of Candidates from which the party membership selects its candidates to stand for local government elections.
Officers are active and engaged people who use their skills from their past to move the association forward and try to win elections for Conservatives.
The first job of the Officers Group is to create a Strategic Plan for the Association for the following year, and work on the building of a strong Association during their time in office.
Being an Association Officer gives you a great insight into the workings of Politics. Being an Officer can be a stepping-stone to becoming a councillor or MP of the future.
For those Officers less interested in public office, there is the warm glow of running the Association well, for it's members and the good of conservative values. 
If you have something to offer, please consider becoming an Association Officer. To find out more just get in touch.

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