Pearl Oguchi

Borough Councillor for Gadebridge

I have lived in Hemel Hempstead for over 10 years and I have grown to appreciate and love this town.
I used to think making a real difference meant becoming a politician in Westminster and doing your best to try and change the world. That is until I joined the Apsley Conservative Branch Association a few years ago.
This is when I realised that “charity and politics begin at home”. If I was to make a difference, why not start in my own back yard? This is the reason I decided to stand.
I am very keen on getting to know the residents and finding out what those pain points are then helping them resolve it. In my short life, I have gained a lot of life skills that I believe will be invaluable to this venture. I really am looking forward to making a difference in the town I have come to love.”

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Mark Rogers

Borough Councillor Bennetts End

Mark believes in joining people together and motivating the local community to help achieve common needs.  He will be striving for more funds from local businesses, Hertfordshire and Dacorum Councils to help fund new initiatives.