Norman Cook

HHCA - Hon Treasurer

I am the Honorary Treasurer, charged with maintaining the Finances of the Association.
Currently, I am looking at all areas of expenditure with a view to reducing costs.
I also see it as my fiduciary duty to improve its future by suggesting ways in which its long term existence can be assured by alternative investments.

A resume: 

Born 65 years ago, I have worked in Computer Departments then Customer Services all my life. Met Linda at my first job - 44 years ago.
I moved from Manchester to Hemel with Tony Gallagher in 1986 (otherwise the company said it "couldn't think of a reason to keep me on").
I have 1 son and 1 grand daughter - with another grand child on the way. I have been very lucky in life and appreciate what God has given me.
I ask people to judge me by my actions and strive for perfection, I do not accept second best.




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Short term - identify lapsed members, including comparing Votesource and Blue Chip, ensuring HHCA writes to all such lapsed members.