Mark Rogers

Borough Councillor Bennetts End

Mark believes in joining people together and motivating the local community to help achieve common needs.  He will be striving for more funds from local businesses, Hertfordshire and Dacorum Councils to help fund new initiatives. 

He has lived in Hertfordshire since 2000 with his wife Gill.  Working in marketing and research, he likes talking to people and understanding what they want and need. 

With an active role in local Parish Council activities, he has had considerable success in joining like-minded people together to create a stronger voice.  In 2014 he persuaded local residents to establish a ‘Vision’ for the future to help focus on what they would like to see in the local area.  With greater local participation we can generate a stronger community spirit and make things happen quicker.

What would YOU like to see new or fixed in Bennetts End?  Call/text Mark on 07974 784 153 or email 


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