Graeme Elliot

Borough Councillor for Chaulden and Warners End

Graeme has lived in Hemel Hempstead for over twenty years and believes that his job as a Councillor is to ensure the town continues to thrive and is a good place to work and bring up our families. He has helped local people solve housing and planning issues. He is a supporter of local business and values their contribution to the local economy. He is married to Sharon and has a son Cameron both born in Hemel Hempstead and is a keen rugby fan and a supporter of “Help for Heroes”.

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Rob Beauchamp

Borough Councillor for Hemel Hempstead Town

Borough Councillor for Hemel Hempstead Town

Mark Rogers

Borough Councillor Bennetts End

Mark believes in joining people together and motivating the local community to help achieve common needs.  He will be striving for more funds from local businesses, Hertfordshire and Dacorum Councils to help fund new initiatives.