Tiffin Cup 2015

Hemel Hempstead MP, Mike Penning, visited The Cochin in the High Street to congratulate them on winning the Hemel Hempstead constituency nomination for the Tiffin Cup.

The Tiffin Cup is an annual competition awarded by a cross-party group of Members of Parliament called the Tiffin Club. The aim of the competition is to celebrate the quality and diversity of South Asian food in Britain and at the same time raise money for the charity World Vision.

Each MP can nominate the best South Asian restaurant in their constituency. The best of these go forward to a national final which takes place at a special cook-in at Bellamy’s Restaurant near the Houses of Parliament.

Mike Penning said: “I am delighted to nominate The Cochin for the Tiffin Cup. The Cochin came a very close second in our local competition last year and are deserved winners this year.

“The Tiffin Cup has proved a great success at promoting South Asian restaurants across the country – and we are very fortunate in have so many good South Asian restaurants in the local area.”