Mike Penning MP backs Pet Theft Awareness Week campaign

Hemel Hempstead MP Mike Penning met with constituent and Pet Theft Awareness campaign co-founder Richard Jordan in Parliament on Tuesday.

Richard was at the Houses of Parliament to launch the fifth Pet Theft Awareness week which runs from 14th to 21st March 2017. An event was held to mark Dog Theft Awareness Day ion 14th March.

With dog theft increasing year on year, the Pet Theft Awareness campaign is highlighting the problem and calling for a change in the legislation in regard to dog theft.

Richard Jordan of VioVet, the online veterinary retailer and Arnot Wilson of the Dog Union, co-founders of Pet Theft Awareness, said “This is a unique opportunity for dog owners to influence MPs in to supporting Gareth Johnson MP’s campaign to get tougher legislation for this terrible crime.

“Also during Pet Theft Awareness Week we want to highlight the theft of cats and March 21st is Cat Theft Awareness Day.

“We would encourage anyone with a missing cat to use the hashtag #MissingCatsDay with photos of your missing cat and share on social-media. You can also register cats on www.DogLost.co.uk

Mike Penning said: “As a long-time pet owner in the past, I fully understand how a pet becomes an integral member of the family. To lose a pet in this appalling and upsetting way must be devastating for any family. I welcome changes in the law on compulsory microchipping of dogs, and I would urge cat owners to have their pet microchipped as well.”

The aims of Pet Theft Awareness are:

  • To prevent pet theft through awareness.
  • To provide information to assist victims.
  • To campaign for the reclassification of pet theft and tougher penalties to deter pet theft including custodial sentences.
  • To get compulsory microchip scanning to encourage greater reunification of stolen and missing dogs with their owners.

Pet Theft Awareness is a non-profit making organisation and is sponsored by: VioVet.co.uk and the Dog Union (www.dogunion.org)