Mike Penning backs PM on General Election announcement

Mike Penning is backing Prime Minister Theresa May on her announcement that she plans to call a snap General Election on 8th June.

Mike said:
“This is absolutely the right thing and I fully support the Prime Minister’s decision to go for a General Election.

“Last year the people of this country made the biggest decision in a generation - to leave the EU. The Prime Minister now needs to implement the clear will of the people and it is only right and proper that she makes the most of the current good opinion polls to get a larger majority. Quite simply, she need to be able to get on with it without endless political game-playing from minority groups wanting to scupper Brexit at every opportunity.

“If we can secure a strong majority in Parliament we can get the clean break from the EU that this country needs. It is in the national interest that we have a strong, united Government led by Theresa May.”