Your Ashridge team continues to work to protect the green belt and improve life in Little Gaddesden and Potten End.

In Potten End we have had some success in improving the Broadband and many residents are pleased with the faster broadband speeds. We are continuing to work with BT and Connected Counties to extend this and improve speeds for everyone.

Terry Douris has been selected as the candidate in the forthcoming Dacorum Borough Council elections.

Terry said: “Having served the Dacorum area for many years, I am proud and honoured to have been selected as your candidate for Ashridge and to continue the excellent work that Nick Tiley has done for the area for a number of years.

“I will continue to support the special village way of life and the rural ethos by maintaining the green buffers and countryside around our villages.

“Within the wider district I will continue to fight for the lowest sustainable level of Council Tax whilst providing the best possible service to all residents.”