Mike visits Gadebridge Beavers and Cubs

Mike Penning visited the 1st Gadebridge Beavers and Cubs to help invest new recruits.

During their time in scouting, young people are encouraged to broaden their horizons by working towards various badges. Both the Beavers friendship badge and the Cubs community badge require them to meet someone who serves in the community. Mike Penning delighted the young members by telling them about life in parliament and invited them to ask questions and to come up with ideas for new laws that they would like to see brought in - abolition of school uniform proved to be very popular!
The children were keen to learn about Mike’s previous jobs, especially his time as a firefighter, and were surprised to discover that fire engines don’t actually travel very quickly. During his visit Mike assisted the leaders with the very important investiture ceremony when five Beavers and one Cub made their pledge to the Scout Association.