Mike Penning visits Nisa Local

mike_penning_nisa_local_1.jpgMike Penning visited the Nisa Local in Crabtree Lane last week to discuss issues that face local shops.

The visit was arranged by the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) which represents the interests of 33,500 local shops across the country, operating in rural, suburban and neighbourhood areas. There are 74 convenience stores in the Hemel Hempstead constituency.
Mike Penning said:
“Local shops are essential to the communities they serve and the provide vital and flexible employment in the local area. It was great to meet Kishor Patel and his team in Crabtree Lane again. The Nisa Local in Crabtree Lane is always a welcoming place to visit and is much appreciated by the locals.
“Pat and Kishor Patel are well known for their strong support of local charities and sports clubs in Hemel Hempstead. We are very lucky in Hemel Hempstead that we have so many local businesses that put so much back into the local community.”
Kishor Patel, Managing Director of Houghton Trading Ltd who own Nisa Local in Crabtree Lane, said:
“We were delighted to welcome Mike Penning to our store in Crabtree Lane. The Crabtree Lane store is part of a thriving local community and we thank all our customers for their loyal support.”