Micklem School Sports Week

mike_penning_micklem_sports_week.jpgMP visits Micklem School to talk to pupils during their Sports Week.

Hemel Hempstead MP, Mike Penning, Micklem Primary School to talk to pupils about the importance of sport and leafing a healthy lifestyle during the school’s “Sports Week” which runs from 29th May to 3rd July.
During Sports Week, the pupils all take part in an hour of active physical education every day.
Mike said:
“I am delighted to have been invited to talk to the children during their Sports Week. Sport is very important – it not only keeps you active and healthy but is also great fun and great for social interaction.
“I have been a keen sportsman all my life and it is great that the school has organized this Sports Week and has made it so much fun for the children.”
The children had a great week and had a lot of support from local sports clubs. On Monday they were supported by Hemel and Berkhamsted Hockey Club, Tuesday Hemel Football Club and on a very hot Wednesday they had tennis followed by a Wimbledon tea party in the evening. On Thursday they were joined by Hemel Cricket Club and on Friday they had their sports day.